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The difference between polarized sunglasses and UV sunglasses. See 3 up and coming sunglass brands from modern to classic glasses we recommend this summer 2020.


UV Protection Vs Polarized Sunglasses

Ever wonder which sunglasses are better for your eyes glasses with UV protection or polarized sunglasses?

UV protection lenses help shield your eyes from the harmful sun rays and polarized sunglasses eliminate glare that causes discomfort and damage in the long run. 

It's crucial to have ultraviolet protection is essential to ensure healthy eyesight, whereas polarization helps and protects your eyes from the glare caused by direct sunlight.


August 06, 2020 — Lisa Mills


Men's sunglasses 

There is a wide collection of sunglasses for men best eyewear and a fantastic prize. Our wide collection ranges from best sunglasses for men, men's designer sunglasses, UV sunglasses, elegant sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, luxury sunglasses fishing sunglasses. Get 10% discount on your first order.

Women's sunglasses has the best sunglasses for women and a wide selection of styles and brands of sunglasses. Find the latest sunglasses for women at Sunsey, including the latest styles from mirrored sunglasses, cheap glass

July 14, 2020 — Lisa Mills
Sports eyewear

Sports eyewear

At Sunsey we stock the best best-polarised sunglasses for training at an affordable price. Training is very important, and it's good to protect your eyes from direct sunlight when you are outdoors.

Sports eyewear is getting popular and can be so expensive. The good news is you can get affordable polarized sunglasses on the Sunsey website. We only stock hand-picked and original polarized sunglasses. 

We offer a 12% student discount and a 10% discount for your first purchase. If you are looking for a good pair of polarized sunglasses or we recommend the ladies aviator sunglasses and men's aviator sunglasses in our Classic sunglasses collection


June 24, 2020 — Lisa Mills